We want to take our restaurant in the most sustainable direction possible with constant learning and making small changes, innovating our way of managing our business. We want to contribute the more that we can to save our beloved planet that gives to us so much and deserve so much from us back. We partner with other companies that have the same missing to make the world a better place!

Our main goal is to become Co2 Neutral in the first year. To become certified required a lot of work from our team and our managers, and since day one, we have been working on it. And we will be soon proudly share our CO2 neutral validation.

Voluntary work: our team at Barely Vegans is involved in many voluntary work around our community to help and share our love for our planet. We are associated with many companies, and we are happy to help them and give our time to do good to the earth!

Menu: We have daily juices, teas, and recipes made more sustainable using most of our ingredients on their entirely. For example, one of our most loved teas and a grandma recipe is the pineapple guaro; we use the skin of the pineapple we cut for our smoothies and boil it together with spices and make a tea that is full of antioxidants and minerals. Utilizing 100% percent of pineapples and giving our customers all the benefits of this fruit. Also, when our pomegranates are in season, we not only make spectacular dishes but also make a curative tea from our grandma's recipe. Pomegranate, for centuries, has been the source of devotion and delicacy for its magical curative effects. We have a special recipe using the skin and seed and other ingredients to make an elixir of health, utilizing 100% of the pomegranate.

We work with a compost company so our garbage can be used as organic compost for farms and agriculture, and we also feed our plants with the compost that we personally make in our restaurant.

We are working on a project with another company to create the Barely Vegans Enchanted Forest soon. A land that will be made with the profit of Barely Vegans to grow trees and help some species at risk of extinction, reforestation, and biodiversity. A forest where families can go help and also learn about our impacts on the planet and sustainable ways to build their own little Enchanted Forest in their back yards, and yes, of course, there'll be fairies!