1Is Barely Vegans a family-owned restaurant?
Yes, it is family-owned. The founder is a mother that loves to care and nurture. That why, our concept is very centered on nurturing for our customers and giving the best service we can.
2Does Barely Vegans serve alcohol?
Not at the moment, but we will soon offer organic beer and wine.
3Is Barely Vegans hiring?
Yes, we are always hiring and looking for new talents. Please email us your resumes to schedule an interview.
4Is Barely Vegans family-friendly?
Yes, we love children and offer menus that kids can enjoy and at the same time are healthy so Mommy can feel happy too. We want to remind you that our restaurant is small, and there is a boutique with many intriguing objects, and we ask parents to keep their children safe and away from the boutique articles.
5Can I order online?
Yes, you can order directly from our website for pick up or delivery. Or through one of our partners Doordash, UberEats, and Grubhub (note that we are not responsible for extra fees charged from our partners nor the condition of the food delivered by them). We do recommend our customers to order directly to our website, by calling the restaurant, or through text.
6Do we take table reservations?
No, we don’t take table reservations, first come, first serves.
7Can we dine in for dinner?
Yes, you can stop by any time during the opening hours.
8Is our restaurant tabled served?
No, the restaurant is self-serve. You can stop by the counter to order, pick up and pay for your order.
9Do we offer catering?
Yes, we do offer catering. Please contact us or click here for more information. Please understand that we need enough time in advance for distant locations and large guest numbers to make all the arrangements.
10Can freelancers host activities with Barely Vegans?
Of course, we love partnering with freelancers and organizing activities for our customers. Please email us about your expertise to host and create an event.
11Is everything organic?
Yes, 90% of our fruits and vegetable are bought from our partners ACE and Baldor, the other 10% is locally bought from small farms that can’t afford the organic seal but do grow their produce organically and with a lot of love.
12Is your food gluten-free?
Yes, we are gluten-free, but we recommend you always ask our staff if you have any allergies.
13Do you use nuts or soy?
Yes, we do use nuts and soy; we love nuts! Please ask our staff and inform them about your allergies before your make your order.
14Are you 100% plant-based?
Yes, we are we avoid gluten, but some of our ingredients may have been processed in facilities that use gluten. Please inform us about your allergies before you make an order.
15Do you use any dairy or animal products?
No, we use all substitute diaries and animal products.
16Are all products hand-made?
We offer many products hand-made by us, but there are also products that are from vendors and others that are from freelancer artists.