We are putting our little grain of sand to make the world a better place.

Barely Vegans is an organic, plant-based restaurant with a sustainable, inspired boutique in Westchester, New York.

The story behind the idea of Barely Vegans was to create a space where anyone, not only vegans, can enjoy and learn more about healthy eating habits. We created a menu inspired by the most loved dishes by everyone that is non-vegan and recreated them in the most sustainable and plant-based way. The idea is to bring people that are non-vegan to be more conscious about their eating habits and the repercussions that we do to our planet.

Our goal is not to convert anyone to veganism; our goal is to show our customers that they can have delicious options that are good for their body and the planet!   

Ultimately, our mission is to help our community understand that overly consumption of animal products is contribution to our planets decay. One day, our planet won't be the same as we now know It, and it’s time to take action. One small deed, one small change at a time can cause a huge change. The team at Barely Vegans is bringing healthier mindful options to the restaurant industry! Now we can make conscious choices, satisfy our cravings and feel empowered by it.

The founder, a vegan and wannabe activist, have always tried to teach those around her about the importance and benefits of a plant-based vegan diet. Not only are the aesthetic and health benefit amazing but it helps our environment. She realized that people didn’t understood what it is to be vegan and have a misconception about the lifestyle of being vegan. They thought it was too hard, too restrictive, too boring and just not worth the hassle. Nonetheless, being tired of having so few options to get healthy and reliable vegan food in this area of New York, she decided to open a vegan restaurant with a New age vibe, which represent everything that she is.

Barely Vegans restaurant is a place where anyone, despite their food preference, can enjoy organic, healthy, and delicious food. Fast food is no longer a “guilty pleasure” but a rewarding treat! Our bodies are sacred and powerful machines! With the right kind of fuel there’s just no telling what abilities we’ll unlock. Our mission is to spread awareness and help our community to try out a new eating styles for their wellness and for our planet. A conscious choice is a right choice!

At Barely Vegans restaurant, our customers can enjoy daily fresh salads, vegetables, fruits, and nuts for their salads, bowls and smoothies. With vegan substitutes, toppings, and a selection of adaptogens to make every meal a true indulgence of wellness. In addition, we offer fresh breakfast goods with teas and coffees, frenched press, and a variety of lattes. Also, our main menu is designed to provide tasty options that would leave you satisfied and wanting more.

Finally, because we love art and our chefs are all artists, we have daily dishes made to explore and enjoy new vegan recipes every day.

The ambiance in Barely Vegans is inspired by an enchanted forest with many plants decorating, old rustic wood, crystal, candles, and lights. There is an open kitchen so that the customer can see our carefulness and every step in our food preparations because we have nothing to hide! A friendly staff that is always happy to converse, make friends and encourage them to make smart and eco-friendly choices for them. With a team that is daily growing Barely Vegan organic and 100%, plant-based food will offer catering for all kinds of events, meal prep, and host events where our local community can learn about a healthier lifestyle approach. Also, our team is dedicated to monthly help in volunteer work to help our community and hopefully have more people join us.

And while you are in the restaurant waiting for your healthy meal, you can familiarize yourself with sustainable products, learn about the importance of reducing harmful waste and take a more sustainable approach. Barely Vegans boutique is inspired by going back to basics; there is a selection of crystals, stones, homemade candles, herbs, books, and more to help people embrace the old simple ways of living. We focus more on good spirit and peaceful energy away from all other superficial distractions.

"Because we are what we eat; and we give to others what we feed our minds" The founder believes there is no better recipe for a gentle soul than a plate of veggies, a crystal circle, and barefoot meditation.

Because our founder is first a mother, she has as a priority that her team continuously nurture and care for the community inside and out. Barely Vegans value and really care for our food and our customers as if we are feeding our own children. That is why we take every protocol to deliver in a sustainable way the best food possible that our customers can trust and feel happy to feed their families with it. We take pride in what we do, and we innovate constantly; we keep learning to teach and give the best that we can offer. We are mindful of having the best team possible to create this valuable concept that benefits our customers, friends, and families. We want, and it is our mission, that all our regular customers can see a change in their bodies and life after joining us and being part of our family. Because everything comes with what we put inside, and our happiness depends on what we give from our bodies. We are constantly finding more ways to become more sustainable as a business, inspiring our community and the restaurant industry, and ultimately having a better world.

At Barely Vegans we have the goal to bring farm-to-table food in Westchester, create their own little forest, become CO2 neutral in the first year, and open other locations where people have little option for healthy, organic, and sustainable food/living.